Manor of Excellence Award

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Category: FCF Forms

Manor of Excellence Award. Download application here MOE Form Updated 12/17/19

Greetings this page has been updated 12/17/19 

To recognize those who have proven over their life time that, the priorities of a Christian life style are first and foremost a priority of his life. To recognize those who, have proven over their lifetime that the Christian Lifestyle is a life style that others are drawn to by the way he conducts his life. To recognize those who have chosen the "Royal Ranger" ministry as his vehicle to help further the Kingdom of GOD, and to enrich the lives of boys and men he is in contact with. To recognize those who have used the Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship as a tool to, minister and encourage boys and men to a deeper Faith in GOD. To recognize those who know that one day "With GODS Help" his ultimate reward is not on this earth, but in heaven.

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